Being a homeowner is a big responsibility. For many people, their home is their biggest asset, so of course, you need to look after that asset. Being a homeowner is not always smooth sailing. Just like owning a car comes with certain responsibilities such as regular oil checkups, checking if the tires are working fine and much more, buying a house is quite similar.

How is it beneficial to keep your home in good order, you may ask? Well, let us get straight into it. If your house is kept in a good condition, then you will able to save a lot of unnecessary costs with serious repairs later. This includes taking simple precautions such as regularly checking the electronic equipment at home to reduce the risk of fires or shocks/bursts in the house. These can leave marks that may show damage to a part of your house. Another benefit is your very own safety. If you take measures to keep your house in good condition, you can avoid a lot of mishaps from taking place, making your house a lot safer.

Talking about the long-term benefit, you will be able to sell your house if you have to in the future, for a better price if you keep your house in a good condition in the present. Often times while selling a house, the reason potential tenants want to pay less is that the house is not well maintained. However, if you look after this from the very beginning, then there will be no space for complaints from your potential buyers or tenants. What remains a mystery is, how exactly can one keep their house in good condition then?

Let us take a look at how this can be done:


Keep your rooms well aerated

Dampness is a serious issue when it comes to housing and can be the root cause of many problems. In order to reduce the risk of rooms being damp, you need to make sure that all rooms are well aerated or have some form of ventilation. This can be done by keeping your windows open whenever possible to allow air to float in and keep the rooms ventilated. Be sure to watch for signs of water damage, particularly after a storm. You may have a cracked roof tile which is letting in moisture.


Presence of smoke detectors

You need to make sure that your house is home to at least one, if not more, smoke detectors. This is extremely important as it can make you aware of the presence of excessive smoke in the room or house. Make sure to replace the old batteries with new ones once it has run out. Most smoke detectors present in the market, make a beeping sound when the battery is about to run out, so it isn’t too difficult for you to guess that the battery has run out. New homes and rentals of course must be hard wired with appropriate systems.


Avoid accidents and keep yourself and visitors safe

If you have a cracked tile, lifting carpet, a floor board that has lifted or perhaps timber stairs which are starting to rot are all items which can be dangerous. If a visitor comes to your place and has an accident you may well be sued (Do ensure you have suitable insurance). Though, even if you have insurance, you know the expression prevention is better than cure. Be sure to have all potential injury causes fixed in a timely manner and keep everyone safe and happy.


Regular maintenance extends the life of your asset

Just as having your car serviced will extend its life, so will looking after your home. It may be lubricating door rollers, hinges, locks or applying anti-rust products if you are in bayside suburb which is prone to sea air. Keeping your appliances clear and dust free will also help extend their life.


Exterior and interior wall coating

Whether it’s oiling a deck, painting your soffits or giving the interior walls a fresh coat of paint, it all goes towards that ongoing maintenance to keep your top asset in peak condition. When you do maintenance as you go, a little at a time, the cost is fairly minimal; you won’t notice it because you are spreading it out. Leave it for several years and everything deteriorates more, becomes worse and compounds.


Clean out the guttering

Simple things such as cleaning out the guttering can go a long way and is also extremely crucial. This needs to be done on a regular basis and plays a major role in keeping your house in a good condition. Not cleaning the guttering can lead to severe problems in the long term that will cost you even more to get rid of such as damaged roofs, blocked drains and much more. This is one of the important factors that need to be considered by any homeowner looking to keep their house in a good condition.

Above are just a few of the things that you can do in order to keep your house in a good condition. As mentioned earlier, keeping your house in a good condition can bring lots of benefits to you in the long run. This is why you need to prioritise keeping your house in good condition at all times. You will also feel happier living in a well maintained and nice home, rather than something which is run down, worn out and just leaves you feeling disenchanted.

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