Replacing A Dividing Fence

A Birkdale home owner recently engaged us to replace her side fence which was badly damaged. The fence had been in need of repair for some time but had recently become dangerous, threatening to fall and with the potential of injuring the home owners or even their neighbours.

We replaced the leaning fence with a new 1.8m high, timber paling fence. Both home owners are happy with their new fence. Before and After images of the broken fence and the new fence are shown above.

Dividing fences can become a cause for dispute between Redland City neighbours and it makes sense to replace a badly damaged dividing fence with a new fence. The cost of the new fence is usually split in half between the two property owners.

Engaging a professional to build a replacement dividing fence can help to ensure that both owners are happy with the new fence build and are both contributing equally by paying half the cost.

Who Owns A Dividing Fence

When a dividing fence is built on the common boundary line it is owned equally by the adjoining neighbours. It is important to ensure that the new fence is built on the boundary line if you are each paying half of the cost. If the fence is built on only one property, the fence is owned by that property and not owned jointly.

In Redland City on the Brisbane Bayside we are governed by Queensland Law in regard to dividing fences. More information about dividing fences is available on the Queensland Government website.

Our handyman team have replaced dividing fences and repaired damaged fences recently in Birkdale, Wellington Point, Alexandra Hills and Victoria Point. Our team work throughout Redland City and the Brisbane Bayside.

If you would like a quote for a new boundary fence or any other type of fencing work at your home or investment property, give us a call on 0413 001 846 or complete our “Request A Quote” form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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